New Product - NANOCOM LITE

  •  June 17, 2024

This kit includes The main NANOCOM LITE unit, NCOM24 VCI 4 CAN BUS cable (~1.5 m long) and a USB update cable plus the unlock code for supported CAN-BUS vehicles.

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CAN-BLOCK Anti-Theft Protection

  •  December 03, 2014

AC035 CAN-BLOCK A super small High Tech solution that we have uniquely developed specifically to counter a new, and now growing in awareness, High Tech Problem of Later Keyless Entry type Land Rover Vehicles being easily stolen via thieves learning new Keys to the Keyless Vehicle Module.The CAN-BLOCK is simple to install and hidden away virtually ANYWHERE in the Vehicle, the location of which...

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SD Card App

  •  September 12, 2014

Download available in your Restricted Area This is a stand-alone software application developed by BlackBox Solutions for the express purpose of completely setting up the Nanocom’s CAN-BUS Kit supplied SD cards and other SD cards for use with CAN-BUS vehicles.

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BETA Software for everyone

  •  September 30, 2014

One of the fundamental changes in Release 1.25 was the restructure and modification to the core programming and background structure of the Nanocom. This was done in order to allow us to add functionality at a much faster pace.Now we are at this stage, and after quite a few requests, Beta versions of software will now be available on a...

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  •  January 12, 2013

Welcome to the New Nanocom web site. This is the home of the famous diagnostic system for Land Rover vehicles, which is well renowned in the Land Rover community for offering the greatest capability and functionality at the lowest possible cost.   Since its first introduction many years ago, the Nanocom has evolved quite significantly, becoming the Nanocom Evolution and...

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Nanocom Evolution for P38 Range Rover

  •  January 24, 2012

Nanocom Evolution for P38 Range Rover. Blackbox Solutions are pleased to announce the latest addition to the Nanocom Evolution range. The new P38 Range Rover systems cover all 3 models and all years. NCOM05 Nanocom Evolution for GEMS P38 (up to 1999) NCOM06 Nanocom Evolution for Bosch EDC P38 (all years) NCOM07 Nanocom Evolution for Motronic P38 (1999 onwards) Full...

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Nanocom Evolution for CAN BUS models

  •  December 02, 2013

As from the 1st December 2013, we are pleased to announce the first release of the Nanocom Evolution for the following CAN BUS vehicle models. Models Supported from initial release: L319 Discovery 3/LR3 2005 to 2009 L320 Range Rover Sport 2005 to 2009 L319 Discovery 4/LR4 2010 to 2015 L320 Range Rover Sport 2010 to 2013 L322 Range Rover 2010...

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Nanocom Evolution for Discovery II V8 Motronic kit

  •  October 09, 2013

Discovery II V8 Motronic kit. The Motronic V8 engine kit for the Discovery II is now available on the shop section.

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Discount Offers

Units from the Nanocom Range are available for purchase in bulk quantities with the following discounts.
Please contact us directly for all purchases required under the bulk Purchase program.

- 1 to 4 Kits = 0% discount
- 5 to 9 Kits = 5% discount
- 10 to 14 Kits = 10% discount
- 15 to 19 Kits = 15% discount
- 20+ Kits = 20% discount