BBS Firmware Version 1.36 is now available in your Restricted area:

Kernel Firmware 1.10
Main Firmware 2.8
Graphic Controller Firmware 1.6Bn
OBD Firmware 1.04
Global Upgrade Level: 20220311

Changes incorporated in this release:

Vehicle specific:

  • D4 and RRS 2010+ Battery reset bug fixed
  • Defender PUMA - EMS RESYNC added 2.2 EMS version along the 2.4 as well
                           - This procedure will instruct the EMS to sync with the immobiliser. 
  • Defender PUMA ALM
  • Defender PUMA 2.2 Injector programming fix (6 digit codes)
  • Defender PUMA 2.2 Pilot Correction integration within Injector Programming (on 2.4 Pilot Correction is a separate app)
  • Discovery II - Key programming bug fix 
  • Bugs & fixes:
    • Fixed typos and improved messages on the ALM keylearn page.
    • Overwrite target config new name Factory Reset (resets the Nanocom to factory settings)
    • Added FACTORY RESET button for ALM settings page, useful when programming keys, wont start, or   any immobilization cases when ECU is not responsive to some commands.                                   
    • Please read more about the new ALM ECU HERE
  • We've made several improvements on the Nanocom Update Manager software which is now packaged into a self-extracting archive. This means that now you only need to download the file and run it. This will automatically extract itself to a temporary location and run the Nanocom Update Manager application. All you have to do is connect the Nanocom to the PC/Laptop via USB and once the Manager displays the "Device attached" message you can start the upgrade. In case that you still wish to perform the upgrade the old way, then you need to extract the archive yourself by right-clicking it and selecting the extract option to the preferred folder.