The Nanocom Evolution for the Defender TD5 includes the following:

The main Nanocom Evolution unit.

Blue OBD lead (For connection between the Nanocom Evolution unit and the vehicle's OBD socket)

USB update lead (used to connect the Nanocom Evolution to a PC for updating license codes or installing new Firmware)

Unlock code packs for the Defender II TD5:

TD5 Engine Management System
 a flashing function to remap the programmable type ECU's

For TD5 Tun maps you can contact our official distributor Empire Tuning and also you can read more info HERE.

Full of functions and features, the TD5 engine management software offers reading and clearing of fault codes, the read and write of certain settings including Injector codes. Viewing of Live data, checking of Outputs and putting the ECU into learn mode for the security coding. You should note that there are 2 variations of the TD5 ECU, MSB denotes a non programmable version where the later NNN can be programmed using the Nanocom Evolution.

NCOM12 Defender Systems:

Wabco ABS system (up to 2010)

Functions include Read and Clear faults, View Inputs and check various Outputs on the ECU and you can also use the Nanocom Evolution to bleed the primary and secondary hydraulic circuits.

Lucas 10AS Alarm (up to 2010)

The 10AS alarm will read and clear triggered events, allow you to view various settings and data as well as make and save changes to the data.You have a choice of Inputs again to see live data and can also test certain outputs to make sure the alarm is working as it should. Finally you can also program the PLIP (not the key) to the ECU.

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ECUs Technical Info & Guides


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