The Nanocom Evolution for the Discovery II Motronic V8 includes the following:

The main Nanocom Evolution unit,

Blue OBD lead (used to connect the Nanocom Evolution unit to the vehicles OBD socket),

USB Update lead (used to connect the Nanocom Evolution unit to a laptop/PC for updating Firmware or inputting the unlock codes),

Unlock codes for the following ECUs found in the Motronic Discovery II

Motronic Petrol V8 Engine Management Systems 

Functions include Reading and Clearing of Faults, Settings, including programming records, live data Inputs, checking of output functions and also the ability to reset the adaptive values. The Motronic ECU cannot be programmed by the Nanocom Evolution

NCOM13 Discovery II Systems:

Valeo BCU (Body Control unit)
Reading of live Inputs, Settings, checking Outputs and key programming.

SLABS (combined Self Leveling and ABS system)

As well as the expected reading and clearing of faults, settings pages, Inputs and Outputs, you can also calibrate the Suspension and store the new heights. Note that the ECU will not allow individual corner calibration, only the Left and Right sides. There is also a bleed function for the hydraulic systems.

Lucas ACE (Active Cornering Enhancement)

This ECU was designed to help improve cornering issues found in the Discovery 1. The Nanocom Evolution has the ability to read and clear Faults, check settings, View Live data, check outputs and also bleed the ACE system.

BOSCH AUTO BOX GS8.87.0 (all Automatics)

Quite limited on functionality by design of the ECU, apart from the Read and Clear Faults you can only read the settings but not make changes. As with most ECU's we have designed our software to read live data and reset the adaptive values learned over time by the ECU

TRW SPS Type 2 Airbag

Only found in the Discovery II it supports side Airbags and Seat Belt Pretensioners. Functionality is limited again by the ECU design to Reading and clearing any of the possible 37 faults that the ECU can store and also to read the settings. There is only one Settings option programmable in the ECU and this is the VIN which should be written if the ECU is replaced.

HELLA CRUISE CONTROL (only fitted on Petrol model Discovery II)

The ECU can store up to 41 faults but not all will trigger the warning light. These faults can be read and cleared but if they return further investigation will be required. There are various settings to read although not all may be able to be changed as they are Read Only built into the ECU. Certain Inputs can be tested as well as Outputs to check functionality. There is also a utility to read the reason the last time the Cruise Control was de-activated.

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