The Nanocom Evolution for the Freelander 2 includes the following:

The main Nanocom Evolution unit,

VCI 4 CAN BUS lead (for connection between the Nanocom Evolution unit and the vehicle's OBD socket),

USB update lead (used to connect the Nanocom Evolution to a PC for updating license codes or installing new Firmware)

Unlock code pack for the Freelander 2 Systems 2007 - 2012


Freelander 2 CAN BUS vehicle coverage and functions

Unlike traditional multi-model vehicle diagnostic equipment, for CAN-BUS vehicles, the Nanocom has NO vehicle model or ECU menus to select from, instead, under the CAN BUS VEHICLE option, the Nanocom initiates a “VIN detection” function, which tells the unit exactly which vehicle is currently connected. 
After the VIN detection process, there is a list of diagnostic and service functions.

ECU Programming:
This diagnostic function provides the capability to flash any files that have been downloaded from the Genesis website into its corresponding vehicle system ECU. 
This could be either a set of files to flash an ECU or a standard/modified CCF file, as the Genesis website provides both capabilities via its Flash File database and CCF Editor function.

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