Introducing the Nanocom Lite, an innovative extension of our renowned Nanocom Evolution Diagnostic tool, designed specifically for ease of use and versatility in fault diagnosis and clearing on a range of Land Rover vehicles. This dedicated CAN-BUS DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) reader offers the following:

Supported Vehicles

  • Discovery 3
  • Discovery 4
  • Range Rover Sport 2005-2014
  • Range Rover L322 2010-2012
  • Defender Puma
  • Freelander 2
  • Discovery Sport up to 2017
  • Range Rover Evoque 2010+
  • New Range Rover L405 2012-2017
  • New Range Rover Sport 2014+

Key Features

  • DTC Reading and Clearing: Efficiently read and clear diagnostic trouble codes on supported vehicles.
  • Upgradeable to Full Nanocom Evolution: With a simple press of a button and the purchase of an unlock code online, you can transform the Nanocom Lite into a full-featured Nanocom Evolution, unlocking comprehensive diagnostic capabilities.
  • Unlimited Vehicle Compatibility: The Nanocom Lite is not locked to any specific vehicle or VIN, allowing unlimited use across all supported models.
  • Comprehensive ECU Scanning: The tool scans all detected ECUs (Electronic Control Units) in the vehicle, not just the Engine Management and Gearbox ECUs.

Benefits of Upgrading

  • Enhanced Diagnostics: Access the full suite of diagnostic features available in the Nanocom Evolution, providing deeper insights and control over your vehicle’s systems.
  • Retain Lite Functionality: Even after upgrading, you can still use the the fault reading and clearing capabilities on all CAN-BUS vehicles covered by the Nanocom Lite.

Future Proof

  • Expandable Coverage: Stay ahead with upcoming updates that will expand the range of vehicles and features supported by the Nanocom Lite.
  • Taxes and fees: This product is cost-effective, delivering exceptional value for its price.

The Nanocom Lite is the perfect tool for quick and easy fault diagnostics, with the flexibility to grow as your needs evolve. Whether you're a professional mechanic or an enthusiast, the Nanocom Lite offers unparalleled value and performance.